Getting to grips with Greece (and Google!)

Alice Devlin
Saturday 30 May 2015

Dear Laidlaw interns,

Like a lot of you, I’ve been trying to make the best possible use of time between finishing my exams and beginning my Laidlaw internship. What this means is that I’ve probably spent more time in the library in the last two weeks than I had so far this entire semester! My internship begins at the start of July in Athens, so there’s lots of work to be getting stuck into before then.

The organisational side of this preparation has definitely been helped along by our first Leadership weekend. Thinking about how to allocate my time, budget and energy is already becoming a key part of the work I’m currently doing. My internship consists of travelling to lots of different sites in the Greek islands to research very early Christian churches, so at the moment I’m putting together a realistic itinerary and costing for each island. There are other practical elements to address – learning a bit more conversational Greek for example, and figuring out the best ways to travel without a car – but in these next few weeks I hope to get a head-start and be ready to go when July comes around.

On the research side, I’ve been reading in stages; from basic archaeological guides, to more specific articles, and right up to excavation reports for particular sites from the last few decades. I’ve also been teaching myself how to get the most from Google Earth as a research resource – so much so that I wonder how archaeologists ever worked before the internet and our amazingly simple access to satellite images. One thing that I’m finding simultaneously exciting and intimidating is just how little work has been done in this area before. On one hand, I feel quite nervous that I’ll find myself feeling lost without previous work to refer to; but on the other hand, it’s a thrill to think that this research is in a relatively new field of interest and could make a real impact – even if only in the smallest way!

I hope you’re all feeling just as nervous and excited as I am, and I can’t wait to hear more about your projects in the coming weeks and months,


Putting Google Earth to good use: Working out an itinerary for Kea by marking key sites to visit with yellow pins.
Putting Google Earth to good use: Working out an itinerary for Kea by marking key sites to visit with yellow pins.


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