Forming a common language

Since I’m nearly ending my research I would like to reflect on the different phases of the journey each day. So today I will focus on my first week and part of my second week which was pure literature search and experimental design. Upon starting, I was introduced to Phd students I will be working with and talked about their research and the general ideas of mine and how they can possibly fit together. These conversations were slightly intimidating as they were had many medical jargon and concepts I was unfamiliar with or had very basic knowledge of. My understanding nods without much comments were easily interpreted as confusion and even though I did learn the basics in lectures these areas were far more specialized. I was then left to do some literature research and a lot of background reading so that I can be able to come up with my own ideas and specific parts I wanted to experiment with and what the implications be. After a while however, I was slightly bored or maybe too overwhelmed with amount I had read. I ended up always strolling around into the lab trying to see what people were doing and asking them questions about it. This however, also required some background and even though everyone was helpful and explained a lot I felt there was a lot of new information I needed to digest in my own reading time. I accepted that I needed more research and gave in to sitting quietly with my laptop taking notes, drawing mindmaps and linking concepts till I had an overall picture. I only felt the effect when I had further conversations with any of the research group: it’s like we formed a common language.

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